Metal Stamping

TG Manufacturing provides metal stamping services to the Aerospace, Automotive and Material Handling, Food, HVAC, Furniture, Appliances, Renewable Energies and Construction industries, utilizing our metal stamping presses that range in size from small, high-speed 35 ton machines, all the way up to our colossal 600 ton press. But any metal stamping company has the machines to do the job.

The value in choosing TG manufacturing isn't just in our ability to provide our customers with one of the most diverse array of metal stamping equipment in West Michigan, rather, it's in our 50+ years of experience in the field, our rigid quality standards, and most importantly, in our ability to provide individualized service & innovation while reducing turn around times, and lowering costs across the entire metal stamping process.

Our decades of metal stamping history give us the expertise to design a solution that matches your needs whether you're looking to run a few thousand or a few hundred thousand parts. Additionally, our in-house tool and die building and repair shop makes sure that your tools are well cared for and your parts are consistent run after run.

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Tool and Die

Having an in-house Tool and Die shop provides several significant benefits to our customers.

First, the ability to build, maintain and repair your custom die-sets in-house, means that we don't have to hire an outside tool and die shop to do this for us. This reduces our costs significantly, and those savings, in turn, get passed on to our customers.

Secondly, our tool and die experts are able to meticulously care for, and maintain your custom dies, assuring consistent runs, and higher quality parts.
Lastly, possessing a team of highly-trained and experienced tool and die experts on location, gives the added benefit of reducing the time it would normally take for an outside agency to design, build, and ship your die. So, not only are we able to reduce your costs, provide consistent, quality parts, and world-class service, we are also able to save you and your company your most important asset; time.

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