Your Next Metal Products Manufacturing Partner

Metal Stamping

When you need a fast and cost-effective solution for manufacturing large quantities of complex metal products, our large range of sheet metal stamping presses get the job done quickly and efficiently. We have the resources and experience to accommodate a nearly limitless range of requirements, making TG Manufacturing your go-to resource for any and all of your sheet metal stamping needs.


TG Manufacturing offers a wide range of machining capabilities and expertise to many industries across the U.S. Through the use of our state of the art CNC milling machines, lathes, presses and various other cutting-edge machining equipment, we are able to take your vision and transform it from a single block of solid metal into a precise, working model of your fabricated metal part.

Metal Fabrication

We continually strive to utilize the latest in cutting-edge metal fabrication technology. Using our incredibly precise wire EDM, CNC brake press operation, laser-cutting, and robotic welding capabilities, our skilled team of technicians and welders are able to fulfill virtually any requirements on location; from the initial design, through to production, assembly & shipping of your custom fabricated metal product.

Tube Bending

The TG Manufacturing facilities house a wide range of tube and rod bending machines. Our fully-electric machines offer efficiency, repeatability, and reduced scrap, while our manual tube bending machines require no electrical output, and are excellent for smaller applications in need of a more personal touch. Additionally, having an in-house tool & die shop means that we can create a custom-bending die for even the most complex applications.


TG Manufacturing continuously strives to be the most diverse process-capable, metal products manufacturing company, not only in Michigan, but throughout the entire metal products manufacturing industry.

Our customers have come to expect the kind of one-on-one service they would normally receive from smaller metal part suppliers, while knowing that they can count on our diverse array of metalworking capabilities and skilled staff to handle any job, of any size or complexity.

In short, our customers come to us for our wide range of metal fabrication capabilities, and they stay with us because of our individualized service & innovation through every step of their metal product's manufacturing cycle.