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TG Manufacturing provides a diverse range of machining services through our multiple locations throughout Michigan. Our combination of manufacturing facilities give us over 90,000 s/f of space in which we house our many state of the art CNC machining, lathe, and wire EDM machines. When we combine our skilled machinists with cutting-edge machining technology, we are able to provide quality machined products that are unmatched within the metal parts industry.
On top of our many machining capabilities, our skilled, dedicated, and knowledgeable staff assure that any job, regardless of size or complexity, is treated as if it were our own, guaranteeing our customers' satisfaction in our machining services year after year.

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CNC Machining:

Having an in-house Tool and Die shop provides several significant benefits to our customers.

CNC Machining is a form of Computer Numerically controlled (CNC) Machining that uses a rotating. drilling & cutting tool which moves across multiple axes to remove material from a solid (metal) block. We have over a half dozen CNC machines, offering a combination of precision, flexibility, and respectable output volume for any machining project.
There are many benefits to the CNC Machining process, which include:

CNC Machining is able to take a process that would normally require multiple steps, and tackle the project in one step. Less time = more money!

Cost savings:
The CNC Machining process greatly reduces waste that would normally be an inherent part of the machining process. This minimizes loss and increases overall profits!

CNC Machining is the most efficient means of creating a machined part due to the fact that our machines feature internal quality assurance detectors. As soon as an error is detected in a product, the operation is immediately stopped to prevent any waste of material.

Wire EDM:

When the width of a human hair is too much slop, Wire EDM may be the answer. Electrical Discharge Machining allows us to make incredibly precise cuts in extremely hard metals, while leaving a very smooth surface finish.

Sometimes called spark machining, spark eroding, burning, die sinking, wire burning or wire erosion, Wire EDM, is a manufacturing process that uses electrical discharges (sparks) to obtain a desired shape.

This process works by taking two electrodes, separated by a dielectric liquid and subject to an electric voltage to remove material (metal) from the product being created, and is beneficial for many reasons:

Elimination of Stress and Distortion:
The Wire EDM process eliminates the need for post-machining heat-treating that can cause possible part distortion in metal products. Since the process involves being fully-submerged, it imposes very little stress on the product.

Burr-Free Edges:
Pieces produced using Wire EDM come out with a clean, burr-free edge making them suitable as finished parts, ready for use.

Accurate, Repeatable Tolerances:
Since there is no tooling involved in the Wire EDM process, we are able to hold the end-product to very exact tolerances. An added benefit of the absence of tooling is that there is no wear on the tool offering the added benefit of repeatability and consistency.

CNC Turning:

CNC Turning is a machining operation that produces cylindrical parts. In its basic form, it can be defined as the machining of an external surface.

Our lathes and multiple-spindle screw machines offer a range of machining processes that are able to take your machining project from a few parts to a few hundred thousand parts per year.